Improving Delivery of Optics through Kanban



Kanban, a method used to visualize and optimize workflows, has long been a key part of Ross' processes. Kanban has 5 core properties: (1) visualize workflow, (2) limit work-in-progress, (3) manage flow, (4) make process policies explicit, and (5) improve collaboratively. At Ross, we help you with 3–5 so that you can focus on 1 and 2. When managing and delivering optics inventory to customers, we aim to:

Manage Flow

Our mission is to ensure that we are always ready to push out optical components when customers need to pull our inventory. For OEM customers who have implemented JIT or lean production processes, one solution that we offer is maintaining a 3-month inventory. We maintain their inventory costs to ensure that they are only paying for what they need. By having a 3-month backup stock, we can supply components even if there is a sudden increase in demand.

Make Process Policies Explicit

We are extremely flexible. For each customer, Ross assigns a designated customer service rep to ensure order accuracy. We respect our customers' existing processes rather than demanding that they conform to ours. For one customer, Ross developed a consignment program that ships consignment parts on two-week intervals to help reduce cost, and we work closely with their "numbers people" so that there is constant, clear communication between our teams.

Foster Collaborative Improvement

We at Ross recognize that, when it comes to our customers, we all succeed better when we work together. We hold regular meetings with key team members in vendor ordering, consignment coordination, technology/troubleshooting, and new product development, where we discuss ways to continually improve our processes to better serve you.

Productivity is a process, not a destination. We work with our customers to fit seamlessly into their existing workflow and are prepared to adjust as their needs change.

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