Meet the Team: Jeremy Porter, Senior Account Manager



Jeremy’s personal interests in science and technology merge with his professional strengths across sales, service, and operations to develop solutions to our customers’ challenges. See what drives Jeremy in his role at Ross.

What do you specialize in?
My biggest strength is customer service where I can help uncover the root of an issue and work with our engineering team to recommend a solution. Sometimes, standard COTS optics are appropriate, while other times a custom optics solution is the way to go.

What attracted you to working at Ross?
Upon meeting the team at Ross and seeing the existing emphasis on being a “partnered solutions provider,” I was excited. When they said I would need to use my personality and skills to focus on clients’ success, I was sold. Whether it is coming up with new products or helping solve problems, I am here to help.

What is your role at Ross? What type of projects do you work on/oversee?
My title is Senior Account Manager, but I really see myself as an "includer". I am somebody who is going to bring together our customers and our optical engineers to help our customers reach their goals. I have experience in process development too, so I’m always looking for ways to keep a project moving. As of this moment, I am working on leveraging tools and skills to increase customer engagement while adding analytics to see how we can improve.

What are some of the most interesting projects you’ve previously worked on?
Modernizing operational activities with new customer service approaches to improve service delivery is really interesting and rewarding. I worked in IT with different teams to change from an old support structure into a more customer-focused, agile delivery group with significantly improved efficacy. We accomplished our goal by converting an infrastructure team’s processes to the use of agile methodologies and practices.

What else should we know about you?
I’m inquisitive and like to cross boundaries between science, technology, and the outdoors. While I really enjoy many outdoor pursuits, I’m just as comfortable spending a day inside watching scientific documentaries and shows. Often, I can be found reviewing trail cam content or revisiting images from the Hubble telescope. I really enjoy spending time in nature using night vision and thermal devices to track and identify nocturnal wildlife.

I’m a huge enthusiast of automation and technology. I’ve been going down “rabbit holes” learning about the LiDAR technology used in self-driving cars, 3-D scanning, environment monitoring, infrastructure maintenance, security and defense, or any other creative purposes. I am also interested in the improvements and implementations of consumer devices like laser range finders. Anything that can make range time or other outdoor pursuits more productive, safe, and rewarding is fascinating to me. I’ve had an idea of developing a system using LiDAR and other technologies to make things safer for cyclists which I would love to work on someday, but that’s for a future blog post!