Impact of Tariffs on Chinese Goods


GettyImages-1001502582The price increase is still in effect due to the continued tariffs. We are continuing to monitor the situation closely and will keep our customers informed of any changes.  

Increased tariffs of 25% were recently announced with little advance notice on many items, including optics, coming into the United States from China. We are already feeling the impact on many of our products and will, unfortunately, be enacting a price increase to help offset the new tariffs. This increase will affect future quotes and some current recurring orders. We will get in touch with any customers who will be affected by this change to share the specifics of this increase on any existing orders. 

This is a fluid situation and we are working hard to stay updated on the tariffs and are committed to keeping our customers informed.  In the event the tariffs are reduced or eliminated in the future, we will provide updated information accordingly.

We greatly appreciate all of our customers and their patience as we work through this complex issue. Please reach out to us with any questions.