Optical Inspection Process: Ensuring the Best Parts Every Time



Delivering on Quality

Ross is the premier source for high quality, hard-to-find optics. Far from being just a vendor, Ross Optical has the capability to polish optics to meet your requirements. We also offer a full range of optical coatings (from 250 to 2400 in-house), as well as assembly services for multi-element optical systems and subassemblies.

It is of critical importance that we inspect every order before sending them on to you. Aside from ensuring complete and accurate documentation, we have the internal capacity to perform our own optical metrology using recognized standards. A common measurement sequence might be:

Dimension Instrumentation
Outside Diameter Digital Micrometer
Center Thickness Digital Dial Indicator
Radius CX Spherotronic  HR – Trioptics and Zygo
Effective Focal Length OptiSpheric - Trioptics
Centration OptiCentric - Trioptics
Chamfer Edges 8X Eye Loupe
Surface Quality Eye Loupe - Unaided Eye
If Coated

Witness Samples on Perkin Elmer Lambda950 Spectrometer

Parts that fail any test are rejected, and if the fail rate is higher than the customer specification, we return the entire lot as unacceptable. Our thorough quality assurance process requires extra time and effort to clear parts, but ultimately it saves you time and headaches by providing you with the best optics every time.

Contact us to more about our optical inspection capabilities or to discuss your project requirements. Already know what you need? Browse our online catalog.

Ross is certified to ISO 9001:2008 quality management standards. Documentation of our certifications and inspection processes is available upon request.

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