Ross Optical Awarded for Excellent Customer Service


HyperMed-award-web.jpgWe are pleased to share that HyperMed, Inc., a developer of hyperspectral imaging devices for medical applications, has named Ross Optical their Tier II Supplier of the Year for 2015.

Last year, HyperMed identified an opportunity to improve the performance of their diagnostic medical imaging camera by using a new optical material in a subassembly. They contacted Ross Optical, and we supplied this material the next day to enable them to meet their tight production schedule.

"I am sure individuals at Ross had never heard from HyperMed before my call for help that day, but Divi took the challenge and agreed to get involved and work with the Ross Optical team to help us meet our urgent need," HyperMed CEO Mark Darty said in a letter. "The next day we received parts and assembled the prototype units over the weekend. As a result we were able to complete the clinical feasibility study on schedule and verify product improvement."

"I would like to specially recognize Divi Mangadu and others at Ross Optical who understood our need that day and went above and beyond with extra effort to help HyperMed achieve success. That is the essence of customer service," he added.

Ross Optical sincerely thanks HyperMed for this recognition. Our customers create products that have a tremendous impact on people's lives, and we are proud to support them in any way we can.

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