Enabling New Photonics Tech: Hot Topics in R&D from Photonics West



The annual SPIE Photonics West conference in San Francisco set new attendance records. More than 22,000 people met to discuss the latest in light-based science and engineering, and the exhibition hall, featuring 1,345 companies, sold out months in advance. The BiOS, LASE, and OPTO conferences were the place to learn about the latest photonics R&D.

 This year SPIE emphasized three hot topics that spanned all three conferences:

  • “Brain” highlighted the latest technologies for better understanding brain functions.
  • “Translational Research” featured the latest R&D moving from the laboratory into healthcare.
  • “3D Printing” explored the latest developments for using additive manufacturing to create entirely new types of optical and opto-electronic structures and devices.

Every year it is amazing to see how the latest optical technologies are enabling new photonics applications and, conversely, how photonics applications are driving the need for newer and better optical components. This constant push and pull can put researchers in an uncomfortable squeeze, though. Early-stage R&D often requires the highest quality parts, but in limited quantities—and that means premium pricing. Ross can help minimize those costs.

We offer a variety of inventory management solutions to meet your unique needs. By placing blanket purchase orders, we can maintain an inventory of your specialized components that are just for you at the best market price, at no additional cost. A good example is precision micro optics, which are especially important to biomedical applications. In a previous article, we explained how Ross helped Cupris, a telemedicine company, acquire their unique optical components within very tight constraints of time, cost, and quantity. We can do the same for you. Give us a call.

We also understand that IP protection and ITAR compliance are major concerns for researches pushing the boundaries of new technology. Our customers can feel at ease knowing they are working with an ITAR registered supplier that’s a stickler for optical quality.

Download our fact sheet on micro optics for medical applications.

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