Providing Optical Design Support During the Contract Development Process


contract-support.jpgAt Ross Optical, we take pride in our reputation for outstanding customer support. A big reason for our customers' satisfaction is how we handle customers before they are our customers. Many optical suppliers require contracts and commitments before they will help a customer with design issues. At Ross, we think that's backward. Getting to the best design can take some time, and we prefer to help our customers overcome those design hurdles before committing to an order. The design collaboration process varies from customer to customer, but it typically goes something like this:

  1. Initial design review – We study a customer's optical design requirements and compare it to their performance expectations.
  2. Preliminary design modifications – Our experienced optical engineering team engages in back-and-forth discussions with the customer to ensure that the overall design concept is feasible within the performance and cost expectations.
  3. Test criteria determination – We establish the availability and precision of any metrology equipment required to confirm the product's performance.
  4. Quote preparation – Once we are certain that the products we supply will meet the customer’s needs, we prepare a quote.
  5. Contract settlement – After receiving the quote, the customer can enter a contract with Ross Optical, confident that we understand both the function and the specifications for the part.
  6. Internal design review – We perform a detailed analysis to suggest modifications to the design or the specifications that we ascertain will reduce cost or improve performance.
  7. Prototype run – We produce a first round of prototypes based on the established design.
  8. Performance verification – After performing any necessary pre-assembly, we test whether the prototypes meet the performance requirements.
  9. Design optimization – If the prototype run reveals performance deficiencies, we review the design and the production process until we can ensure consistent production of quality parts.
  10. Order fulfillment – We process the order in the volume and rate that best meets the customer's needs. This may involve inventory management for the customer or a blanket purchase order.

As we said, the contract process varies from customer to customer, but the important thing is that Ross has a contract process, and that sets us apart. We want our customers to view us as partners, not just contractors. That dedication is why 96% of Ross's clients say that we exceed their quality expectationsGive us a call to learn how we can exceed yours.

Working on a new design? Our Tolerancing Guide can help you avoid overspecification and improve optical performance.

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