Ross Adds Custom Optical Cylinders



For years, Ross Optical has been supplying catalog cylinders and optical cylinder sets to customers in laser diode, measurement instrumentation, and other industries. While cylinders are used in a broad range of applications, we are seeing the most recent demand for their use in line generators.

In response to this demand, Ross Optical is now offering custom OEM cylinders, from prototype to large volumes.

Achievable Custom Cylinder Specifications

Diameter: 2.0 to 100.0 mm

Wedge: < 3’

Surface Quality: ≥ 20/10

Irregularity: ≥ λ/4

Coating: Coated or uncoated

Specialized equipment is required for both fabrication and metrology of cylindrical optics. Ross has an extensive inspection process, which is key to achieving optimal part quality and performance. Our global network of manufacturers, together with our in-house capabilities, ensures that you get high quality optical components at the best value.

We can provide in-house optical coating from 250 to 2400 nm in as few as 3 days. We also offer expert engineering support, assembly services, and metrology. Our flexible inventory solutions reduce supply chain headaches and costs and keep our OEM customers moving.

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