Big Trends for Tiny Optics in Medical Devices


tablet_MRIMedical technologies are becoming increasingly miniaturized and mobile. This trend is changing the landscape of healthcare and making advances in telemedicine, wearables, and mHealth (mobile health) possible. These technologies include:


  • Diagnostic and clinical imaging
  • Biometric scanning and monitoring
  • Medical laser systems
  • Endoscopy & catheter technology
  • Spectrometers

These tiny optics present new opportunities for optical design. The challenge lies in ensuring that size-reduction does not compromise performance or precision.

We recently improved our micro optics capabilities with the addition of a MarOpto FI 1040 Z interferometer that allows us to measure transmitted wavefront for parts as small as 1.5 mm.

Learn how Ross helped a client overcome the optical challenges of converting a smartphone camera into an otoscope.


Download our fact sheet: Micro Optics Enable Smaller Medical Devices.

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