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There are some critical steps needed in order to create an effective optical design. Whether a basic design or complex, it is important to find a supplier that can produce your product in a quick, cost-effective way. Ross Optical is a reliable partner known to improve time to market and optimize your product performance.

World class optomechanical design capabilities in-house

For customer after customer, our optomechanical engineering team has made recommendations, designed and redesigned products to improve performance, and reduce costs. We provide a project summary report complete with engineering drawings, part sourcing, and product cost analysis. In fact, 92% of our customers say that our engineering guidance is above-average or excellent.

Design for manufacturing

Ross Optical designs and manufactures prototype and volume lenses for a variety of applications. From micro-optics to multi-element systems, our in-house lens and coatings designers can help ensure optimal performance, manufacturability, and cost for your product.

Identifying ideal manufacturing partners

In the race to stay competitive, you need every business option at your disposal—complete with estimates on cost of production, time to market, and return on investment. At Ross Optical, we help our customers from over 21 locations around the world. Our dynamic, technically advanced engineering workforce is able to respond to your needs across time zones, languages, and industries. No matter where you are, we can work with you to optimize product performance, cost, and supply chain logistics. We maintain close relationships with our partners and visit them regularly. We know which partners have the best capabilities for your needs.

Inventory management/supply chain security

Save time and money with optical parts and assemblies on demand. Ross Optical Industries offers inventory options to best fit your operations and help you improve product quality. As a true supply chain partner, we work with your processes and order systems, including:

Certification process for all parts and components

Ross’ commitment to excellence starts and finishes with our quality team that works diligently to provide a superior product. Our team of inspectors has a wealth of experience in the field, with seniority ranging from 7 to 23 years. Every single part or component that is incorporated into the finished product is carefully inspected, rather than relying on the vendor’s qualification reports. If there are any defects found, the quality team will evaluate a larger sample if necessary. Not only are the components to the products inspected, but the equipment used to test and build the systems are periodically verified for calibration in accordance to NIST and other industry standards. At Ross, quality assurance is paramount in the manufacturing of high-quality optics. We have a robust quality management system and are ISO 9001:2015 certified. Supporting documentation, such as final inspection reports, are kept for 10 years and can be provided at any time.

Advanced metrology, total inspection

Ross Optical offers inspection levels customized to your application needs, giving you better control over cost, timeline, and acceptance rates. Rigorous quality inspection at Ross Optical eliminates the need for extensive incoming inspection facilities. For many of our customers, 100% surface inspection and spot fringe power inspection at Ross Optical provides the confidence they need to go directly to manufacture.

Our in-house metrology capabilities ensure we deliver optical components and assemblies that meet your quality specifications. To maintain high quality standards, Ross technicians use an array of test and measurement equipment, including:

  • TRIOPTICS OptiCentric, for centration measurement
  • TRIOPTICS OpticSpheric, for focal length measurement
  • ZYGO Interferometer, for measurement of surface irregularities, transmitted wavefronts, and radius of curvature
  • TRIOPTICS SuperSpherotronic, for radius measurement
  • TRIOPTICS PrismMaster MOT, precision goniometer for angular measurements of optical prisms and polygons
  • Perkin Elmer UV/Vis Spectrophotometer, to check the accuracy of our coatings
  • MAROPTO FI 1040 Z FIZEAU INTERFEROMETER to check lenses from 1 mm to 50 mm

Assembly and coating done in the US

As an ITAR registered supplier, we source standard optical lenses from domestic and offshore vendors and provide value-add services such as coating and inspection, providing cost savings without compromising lead time or quality.

World class customer service

We complete a customer survey each year and in our most recent one, 95% of our customers rated us above-average or excellent on overall performance. 100% of our customers rated us above-average or excellent on timely responses to RFQs.

Acquisition by Precision Optics Corporation

Ross Optical was acquired by Precision Optics Corporation as of July 1st, 2019. Precision Optics is a leading designer and manufacturer of advanced optical equipment for the medical and defense industries. The acquisition will provide Ross Optical with more resources to continue to provide custom solutions for OEM applications and specialty lenses. Working with Precision Optics has allowed us to continue to expand our offering in the micro-optic space, while giving us the opportunity to work alongside an innovator in the medical industry.

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